How to Use

You should use Chrome or Firefox in order to save the image.  Safari and Edge do not work.

How To Videos

Font Requests
If you would like to have a font added to the site, email me the font name and if possible, a link to the font, and I will test it for use on the site.

Fonts for Monograms
In order to use the monogram generators, you must have the Monogram KK, Free Monogram, Janda Stylish Monogram, or the KG Modern Monogram Plain font installed. Once installed you must close and reopen all browser sessions.

Here’s a video on how to install fonts in Windows.

Fonts for Text Tools
The text tools such as shadow layers, curve text, etc., require fonts to be installed on your system just as the Monogram Generator does. The available fonts must be added by me, currently. If you would like to see a font added, you can emails me at with the font name and I’ll test it for use on the site. Below is an example of what each font should look like. If the font does not appear this way to you, then you likely do not have the font installed. Some fonts can be downloaded from and others may be installed by Microsoft Office or other applications I have on my system. If you do not have the font and you cannot find it for download on, it is likely a licensed font or one that came with some software I have installed on my system. Please do not ask me where you can find a certain font. Look on and if it’s not there, try Google. If the font is not on, it’s not likely I know where I obtained it. Move on and use another font.

Click here to buy the Samantha font.