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Account Activation

Setting up an account on TroyGram is free and easy, but it does require a valid email address and that you use your real name. When you register you will receive an activation email that should arrive within a few seconds but in some cases due to SPAM filters and greylisting, it may take 1-5 minutes. If you do not receive the activation email, please check your SPAM/Junk Mail folders before requesting a manual activation.

If an account is not activated within 72 hours, the account is usually removed from our system and you must re-register.

From time to time users are unable to receive the activation email and require a manual activation.  If you require a manual activation, you must have already registered on the website with a valid email address.  If you have not received the activation email and have verified the email is not in your SPAM/Junk Email folders, you may request a manual activation by clicking here.
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